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That Touch of Mink Oui Oui Wrap

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That Touch of Mink Oui Oui Wrap

Mink style fur oui oui wrap for dogs exterior

I just love Cary Grant..don't you?

So suave, so debonair. He's the epitome of class. 

What's the opposite of class? A "leaky" dog.  Let's face it, Cary may not have been able to get Doris Day past the threshold of his luxe businessman apartment if he had a drizzling doggy living there.

Mink style fur oui oui wrap for dogs exterior



Your abode should be no different.

Give some class & dryness to your sprinkling friend with this manly mink Oui Oui Wrap.

  Handsome low pile "mink" fur surrounds your pet's offending bits in style.



Mink style fur oui oui wrap for dogs interior





Our 3 layer wrap uses high quality fabrics on top, a 100% cotton layer in the middle & super cozy micro fleece on the underside.

Gorgeous espresso brown micro fleece is the only thing we want touching your little debonair doggies belly.  Micro fleece also wicks moisture away from skin and keeps your pup feeling dry.











Are Oui Oui Wraps better than Facebook?

Well...maybe. When you look at the whole social aspect of hanging with your friends & their bewhiskered bow-wow's, an incontinent, not-quite-housebroken (or just plain rebellious) pet can really put a damper (giggle) on the festivities.  With Maison Mutts Oui Oui WrapTM, you can visit longer and avoid the embarrassment of your tinkling tail-wagger.

Our Oui Oui WrapsTM feature gorgeous, luxurious & whimsical exterior fabrics.  Having a "wee" bit of a problem shouldn't result in your pup looking any less than Très Chic.

100% cotton fiber is used as the "sandwich" layer to absorb any stray wetness. Maison Mutt suggests using disposable pads, placed on the center of the wrap, to quickly absorb urine, provide odor control & keep the wrap cleaner longer.  Of course, it can also be used without a pad.

Micro fleece is our material of choice to be next to your pet's belly.  It wicks moisture away from skin and keeps your pup feeling dry.

Machine washable & dryable* make clean-up a snap! Adjustable, hidden Velcro fasteners are used for "easy on -easy off" attachment.  Triple-stitched reinforced seams & decorative top stitching are just part of our attention to detail.  Maison MuttTM strives to provide the ultimate in comfort & design.

Proudly made in the USA

>> Please be sure to measure your pet before ordering <<

Not sure of your furbabies size? Drop us an email, we're always happy to help!

*(unless otherwise noted)


Sizes:XS 8-10 $12.89
S 11-13 $15.99
M 14-16 $18.89
L 17-20 $22.89
XL 21-23 $25.89
2XL 24-27 $27.89
3XL 28-31 $31.89
4XL 32-35 $34.89

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