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The Cosmopolitain Pet Nest

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The Cosmopolitain Pet Nest


The Cosmopolitain Pet Nest exterior

The Cosmopolitian. 

To some a trendy, urban hotel in Las Vegas.  To others, an embibing pinkish drink that is very popular.  BUT, to your pup, the Cosmopolitain is a rich, luxurious bed that all the other dogs on the block wish they had.

Hip & popular indeed!

The Cosmopolitain Pet Nest exterior




Champagne dupioni silk fabric embellished with voluminous velvet damask pattens adorn the exterior.


The Cosmopolitain Pet Nest interior




Sumptuous black fur lines the inside, providing a heavenly haven for sleeping or lounging around...offering just the right amount of mystery for all those sophisticated canines who are                    in the "nose".




The Pet Nest is versatile too...

Cinched up it is an enveloping nest. Flip it inside out to enjoy either plush side or fully open to experience a comforting mat.

Top quality fabrics & threads, triple stitched seams & attention to detail go into every Maison MuttTM Pet Nest.

Proudly made in the USA.

Measures approx: 29" diameter when fully opened




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